Cyber Dreamer

steam punk cyber dude

steam punk cyber dude

 I have some friends that are into steam punk  (   It seems to be somewhat popular now, so I thought my hand sculpted polymer clay faces would look really cool in cyber punk.   An artist I love, Christy Freissen      has some new steam punk art that is really cool.   I got the clock parts from her website.

I have the idea to do some more with small TV like screens in the head to show photos of dreams. More to come.

Oh happy day

New Day Dawning

This is a new painting I just finished.

I am so incredibly happy to have Barack Obama as our new president that I call this painting….New Day Dawning. It is mostly acrylic ,but has some texture done with acrylic medium. These are my favorite colors.

painting the unconscience


I will not stop at the valley brook
I will not stop at the valley brook

I started this painting with a zen quote…..’I will not stop at the valley brook, for fear my shadow may flow into the world.’

     I painted the figure and the trees in the background, thinking I was illustrating the poem. But when I was finished, a friend of mine asked if the 3 figures were muslum women.
     I started to look very closly at this piece and came to the conclusion that I had subconsciously painted my son. He was serving in Iraq at the time.
The figure looks  to be wearing camoflage and is standing in a desert sand storm.
   To say the least…I was floored. It was not my intention of painting Brian. But there he is.
    It is amazing to me that I always seem to put my own life into my art without realizing it.



This painting has a duality to it.

It is entitled ‘ROOT’
Which could mean… something that is about to bloom and grow into something wonderful or…
something which is trying to bury itself in the ground and hide.