painting the unconscience


I will not stop at the valley brook
I will not stop at the valley brook

I started this painting with a zen quote…..’I will not stop at the valley brook, for fear my shadow may flow into the world.’

     I painted the figure and the trees in the background, thinking I was illustrating the poem. But when I was finished, a friend of mine asked if the 3 figures were muslum women.
     I started to look very closly at this piece and came to the conclusion that I had subconsciously painted my son. He was serving in Iraq at the time.
The figure looks  to be wearing camoflage and is standing in a desert sand storm.
   To say the least…I was floored. It was not my intention of painting Brian. But there he is.
    It is amazing to me that I always seem to put my own life into my art without realizing it.

5 Responses

  1. I love this painting….and isn’t it an honor when someone else sees something in your work that you never intended? 🙂 At least I know it is for me….what a beautiful tribute to your son!

    xo….deb(the junkin’ yaya)

  2. That’s a beautiful painting, I love it! There’s something very special about it, I keep going back to see it even as I’m trying to type this1

  3. Oh I love this very much Pam! Excellent painting and what a wonderful surprise that your son showed up as the focal point! Great painting! 🙂

  4. thanks for all your great comments.

  5. I seen this piece on Mixed Media Ning and I had to see a larger picture. A wonderful painting!

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